Fred Pike Demo Site 

Managing Director and GA/GTM Practice Lead at Northwoods 
DataDrivenU (Jeffalytics) Community Expert
MeasureSchool Community Expert
GA4 FB Group - Moderator / Admin
CXL Institute Instructor 

I'm an experienced presenter and teacher, having taught technical courses for years. Some speaking gigs:
- SuperWeek (Hungary) and SuperWeek TV
- MeasureSchool (Berlin - virtual)
- - multiple MasterClasses, including on GA4 migration
- CXL - webinars and courses
- SDEC (Search Discovery Education Community)
- MeasureCampNA

Some feedback from my presentations:
"Excellent pacing, well documented, great information - very knowledgeable instructor."
"Best part of the workshop: making a very difficult subject seem less intimidating."

I've also created five video courses for CXL Institute:

- GA4 Introduction

- GA4 Intermediate
- Google Analytics Audit
- Excel and Sheets for Marketers
- Using the GA API add-on for Sheets.

Some of my favorite people are the students from around the world who've taken my courses and reached out to me on LinkedIn. What a great way to make a living!